Who We Are

A World to Win has been inspired by the formation of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement, announced on March 12th, 1984, which has regrouped many Marxist-Leninist-Maoist parties and organisations from around the world. It is not an official organ of the RIM. Its pages are open to all those on the same sides of the barricades in the fight against imperialism and reaction.


A World to Win cannot accomplish its tasks without the active support of its readers. Letters, articles and criticism are needed and welcome. Manuscripts should be typed double spaced. In addition we need translators, help with distribution (including through commercial channels) to make this magazine available in as many countries as possible, art work (as well as clippings and original photos), and of course financial contributions from those who understand the importance of the continued publication of this magazine. This includes both individual contributions and the efforts of those who undertake the responsibility for raising funds for this magazine. Send pledges and donation cheques made out to "A World to Win."

Send all correspondence and other materials to
BCM World to Win
London WC 1 N 3XX U. K.

Kiran and Gaurav are free!

Celebration in Kathmandu after the release of Comrades Kiran and Gaurav from prison in India.

From left to right: Kiran, Prachanda and Gaurav.

Revolutionary Road Construction
in Magarat area of Nepal